I am a plant killer

I’ve sadly thrown out too many withered houseplants and almost resigned myself to a life surrounded by fake plastic plants. For those of us without a green thumb, keeping a single houseplant alive is a nearly impossible task.

In one last attempt to live greenery, I used GreenFinger to guard my house plants.

Houseplants usually die for one of two reasons: improper watering or improper exposure to sun. Tracking both and getting it right is easy with the right helper. GreenFinger reads the temperature and humidity in the soil with a sophisticated sensor. Battery and sensor are 100 % sealed, so no corrosion will appear. Warranty is minimum 2 years, but from experience the approximate life time is 3 to 4 years. Make sure you have the plant where it’s getting the right amount of light/sun light.

Greenfinger comes in 3 different versions. Dry, Moist and Wet. Moist covers more than 80% of house plants. Look for the water drop symbol for right match.

Wet Moist Dry
Wet Moist Dry

I’ve found a great website with information about the watering and light requirements for most common household plants:


Here you can find your plant by category and picture, or search for it if you know the name. You’ll see that most plants are in the “Moist” watering category. For these, Greenfinger Moist is a perfect fit. For plants in the “Moist – Dry” or “Dry” categories, you can use GreenFinger Dry, and for the ones in the “Moist – Wet” or “Wet” categories, you can use GreenFinger Wet.

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