Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions


Place Greenfinger into the soil 1-2 cm (less than an inch) from the side of the pot. Be careful not to damage any roots.

Press GreenFinger gently into the soil until only the transparent part is visible.

Place the light emitter carefully on top of the GreenFinger

Water the soil around your plant as well as directly around and onto the GreenFinger.

Gently compress the soil around the GreenFinger to make sure it sits tight.

GreenFinger should not be disturbed in the soil for best results.

Deviations from the described process can lead to incorrect measurements.

After placing GreenFinger

GreenFinger works with different types of soil as it automatically calibrates itself.

After about five watering cycles GreenFinger has finished its calibration. Please make sure that GreenFinger is not disturbed or removed from the soil during that period.

If you want to reuse GreenFinger in another pot of the same plant type you can just rinse it with water and place it into the new pot.


GreenFinger will start to flash as soon as the plant needs watering. The little light on top of GreenFinger flashes every eight seconds. After watering the plant it can take a few minutes before GreenFinger registers the humidity and stops flashing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does GreenFinger flash even before I have activated it?

GreenFinger flashes every 30 seconds before being placed into the soil. This shows that GreenFinger is working properly. As soon as you activate GreenFinger by placing it into the soil and watering it the 30-second flashing will stop. (See the instructions for activating GreenFinger).

Why does GreenFinger flash even after I have watered the plant?

GreenFinger stops flashing about 5 to 10 minutes after watering. This time is needed for the water to permeate the soil and be registered by GreenFinger.

If the soil is very dry before watering the water can flow down the sides of the pot to the bottom. In these cases it can take even longer for the soil to absorb the water and register with GreenFinger.

If the plant receives too little water during watering it is also possible that GreenFinger continues to show a need for water.

You may water directly over GreenFinger to make it stop flashing more quickly.

Does the placement of GreenFinger in the pot matter?

GreenFinger should be placed 1-2 cm (less than an inch) from the side of the pot. The position within the pot can affect the measurement because the soil in the outer areas of the pot dries quicker than the soil in the center. If GreenFinger is placed too far in the center of the pot it will alert you too late to the plant’s need for watering.

How should I water my plants?

As a rule of thumb house plants should be watered amply. Most plants don’t react well to “trickle”-type watering. On the other extreme over-watering can lead to undesired results.

Watering should not lead to a very watery soil since this can have a negative impact on the plant’s roots. Repeated over-watering can even lead to rotting of the roots and ultimately to the death of the plant.

The amount of water is right when the soil can absorb all of it. As soon as rot sets in it is usually not possible to save the plant.

With GreenFinger you can wait until the light flashes to avoid over-watering.

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