GreenFinger is available in 3 different versions for different types of plants.

GreenFinger Wet
 – For plants that should never be in dry soil.

GreenFinger Moist
 – For plants that need some level of dryness between waterings. Most house plants fall into this category.

GreenFinger Dry
– For most plants that need complete dryness as part of the watering cycle. Among these types of plants are cacti and other succulents.

Here is a very good website for finding the watering category of your plants:


Here you can find your plant by category and picture, or search for it if you know the name. Please note that when this web site refers to “Moist – Dry”, use GreenFinger Dry, and when it refers to “Moist – Wet”, use GreenFinger Wet.



GreenFinger measures temperature and humidity of the soil. The measurements are based on the difference between wet and dry soil. The alert for the need for watering is shown when the measurements reach a certain percentage with regard to the measurements that were made in wet soil. By measuring the degree of change in dryness GreenFinger automatically registers how wet the soil should be.

GreenFinger is based on a sensor technology, which is isolated from the soil. This ensures a long-term stable measurements. In addition to the dryness GreenFinger also measures the temperature of the soil and makes adjustments.

Since plant soil absorbs water unevenly GreenFinger measures the median dryness over an area of 14 sq. cm (about 2 sq. inches). The advanced technology adjusts to the changing levels of dryness and alerts you exactly when your plant needs water.


Please store GreenFinger dry and cold.

GreenFinger can be stored at temperatures as low as -10 °C.


Greenfinger in its inactive state lasts for 3 to 5 years.

After activating GreenFinger lasts for at least 2 years.



GreenFinger uses measurements in the wet state of the soil as a reference to calculate when watering is needed.

When GreenFinger is in the alert stage and the plant is then watered the sensor will measure the change in moisture in the soil. If this change is greater than 75% GreenFinger will stop to blink and wait for the next watering cycle.

If too little water is used GreenFinger might not stop blinking.

GreenFinger’s sensor can measure from 100% moisture to 5% moisture in the soil, and can differentiate about 300 states.

The sensor measures an area of 14 sq. cm (about 2 sq. inches).

In addition to measuring the moisture levels GreenFinger also measures the temperature and changes its calculations accordingly.

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